Help stop efforts to roll back relations with Cuba!

Join the ROCLA Cuba gathering June 26, at 7 PM

Downtown Presbyterian Church

This year, ROCLA is responding to IFCO/Pastors for Peace’s request to local solidarity organizations to help educate our communities about the current Trump administration’s efforts to roll back the steps President Obama took toward normalizing relations with Cuba. To counteract the Trump administration’s regressive policies, attendees at ROCLA’s June 26 at 7 PM gathering will learn what needs to be done to achieve truly normal relations between the U.S. and Cuba. A delegation will also visit our local legislators.

Come and learn more about Cuba’s remarkable Latin American School of Medicine in the short film, Dare to Dream: Cuba’s Latin American Medical School and hear from special guest speaker Cheryl LaBash. LaBash is currently one of five co-chairs of the National Network on Cuba, working in Michigan with Doctors4Detroit supporting the ELAM scholarship program, Detroit area students and graduates and in Washington DC with the International Committee’s annual Days of Action to end the blockade of Cuba and writes on current Cuba related developments for Workers World newspaper.

Cuban-style empanadas and refreshments will be served!


The year is 2001.  Bush is in office. US/Cuba relations are at their worst — the blockade tighter than ever and US travelers to Cuba face jail time fines by the US government.  Eight young people from across the US begin the adventure of a lifetime — to follow their dreams to study medicine — in Cuba.

This film tells the story of the largest medical school in the world, the Latin American Medical School, in Havana, Cuba through the eyes of US students who received scholarships with the commitment to return home and practice medicine in under-served communities in the US.

Through the stories of graduates of ELAM, as it is known in Spanish, we learn the history of this medical school that is revolutionizing healthcare on a global level.  We also see the promise these doctors represent for their communities.

What happens when a country dares to dream that young people can change the world?


Event is Wheelchair Accessible and looped for the hearing impaired.