Come and join with ROCLA and Dr. Luis Quiñones, visiting New Mexico Chicano justice activist and author, for a special conversation about his fight for Chicano justice!

What: “A Conversation (Plática) with Dr. Luis Quiñones: The Chicano/Chicana Justice Movement and Beyond.”

When: Wednesday, March 4, 7:00-9:00 PM

Where: Abundance Food Co-op, 571 South Ave. Rochester, NY 14620

For information: Dr. Arnold Matlin

The Rochester Committee on Latin America (ROCLA) will host Dr. Luis Quiñones, a pioneer in the struggle for bi-lingual/bicultural education and Chicano cultural recognition, on behalf of his majority Chicano (Mexican-American) students in public education in his native New Mexico.

When Dr. Quiñones began teaching high school more than 30 years ago, assimilation was the goal of education for students of Mexican descent in New Mexico, and the curriculum mainly taught the deeds of great white men and their achievements in American history. Dr. Quiñones brought a new vision to his majority Chicano students: that valuing and teaching these students about their own heritage and culture in bi-lingual schools would inspire and excite them to be proud of their ethnicity and give them the tools to fight for Chicano justice and equality.

Throughout his life and career, Dr. Quinones has engaged in this struggle with the students he reaches, who are both the descendants of Mexican residents who were already in New Mexico when the US border crossed them, and those who are first generation Americans.  While focusing particularly on public secondary and college education, Dr. Quiñones has found many ways to highlight the contributions of Chicano residents in the borderlands. Join ROCLA to learn more about Chicano history, culture and muic and more!

Free and open to the public; accessible to those with mobility issues