Letter from Martha Schmitz, NISGUA (Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala)


Hope this email finds you all well. I am writing to inform you all of growing U.S. militarization in northern Guatemala along the border. Guatemalan communities and organizations have reported heightened U.S. and Guatemalan military presence in the last several weeks, due to a joint military exercise being carried out. Simultaneously, the Interim Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Kevin McAleenan, recently signed an agreement with the Guatemalan government to send federal agents to Guatemala to increase collaboration with Guatemalan security forces. During his visit, he repeatedly emphasized the importance of an extractivist “development” model carried out through public-private partnerships. Organizations in Huehuetenango consider the militarization of the border by the U.S. an invasion and an attack on their security.

Attached is a document with more information on the situation, as well as a series of questions that we think are important to get answered. We are requesting the support of anyone with Congressional contacts – please reach out to your representatives/senators and call on them to demand answers about this situation. We will keep you updated about further developments and any other opportunities to take action. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you so much for your support!


Martha Schmitz
Coordinadora de Acompa├▒amiento /
Accompaniment Coordinator