The annual ROCLA Rice & Beans dinner will be on Friday, March 10th, at Gates Presbyterian Church.  Save the date!

This year our International White Dove award winner will be the indigenous community Pueblo Kichwa de Sarayaku of Ecuador.  We have invited a member of the community to accept the award and speak to us at the dinner.

For the local White Dove award, we will give the award to two organizations:  Worker Justice Center of New York (Carly Fox) and Workers’ Center of Central New York (Rebecca Fuentes).  Carly Fox will accept the award and will be the speaker.

We always have a beautiful program booklet at the Rice & Beans dinner, and we will have an equally good—or even better—booklet in 2017.  We have a list of people who have placed ads in the past, and I’ve already written to them.  However, we need new ads as well as repeat ads.  Please consider placing an ad (only $40 for 1/4 page) for yourself.  Also, ask local businesses with whom you shop or work to consider an ad for 2017.  Remind them that their support allows ROCLA to continue our solidarity efforts.  Also, on the financial side, we will surely have a full house for the R&B dinner.  Please purchase an ad yourself, and get other people to purchase ads.  An ad in the program booklet tells the members of the Latin American solidarity community about your product/organization/personal commitment.

As you can see in the attached form (also pasted below), we are asking for your ad request now, because we are juggling commitments and deadlines.
The absolute deadline for submitting an ad is February 1st, 2017.  However, you can really help us by ordering your ad right away.

Finally, we count on our members to bring desserts to the R&B dinner.  Catering again will be done by Peg Gefell, so we know the food will be great.  However, we need to continue our tradition of wonderful desserts, so we’re counting on you.

In solidarity,

Arnie Matlin for ROCLA


Size                                                Cost                                 Height x Width

1/4-page                                    $  40.00                         4-inches x 2 1/2 inches
1/2-page                                    $  75.00                         4-inches x 5-inches
Full-page                                   $125.00                         8-inches x 5-inches

Please let me know if you need us to design your ad.  (Design will cost an additional 20% of the price of your ad.)

We would like to have as many ads in hand before January 19th, because of Grania Marcus’ schedule and my schedule.  You could really help us by sending in your ad request right away. The absolute deadline for submitting an ad is February 1st, 2017.

For information or to place an order, please contact me:
Arnie Matlin, email or call 585-768-6277

I’m sorry that we don’t yet have the capability to allow you to pay on line.  We are still in the write-a-check-put-it-into-an-envelope-with-a-postage-stamp-on-it mode.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that cost of the ads is the same as last year!

Checks should be made out to ROCLA/MJ with notation “R&B Journal Ad” and mailed to this address:

Kathy Goforth
45 Lynbrook Drive
Rochester NY 14609

Peace and solidarity,

Arnie Matlin for ROCLA