The Latin America Solidarity Coalition will have a large presence at the Tear Down the Walls National Gathering in Tucson, AZ, Nov. 1-3, 2013. We urge solidarity activists to participate in this important, multi-movement, strategy/action focused gathering. For more information go to

The LASC Drug War Working Group is heading up the organizing of a 2-1/2 hour People’s Power Assembly on the Drug War. This is one of six PPAs including “Immigration and Border Militarization” and “US Imperialism and Anti-Militarism” which also are of interest to Latin America solidarity activists. PPA’s are tasked with strategizing how to build stronger, more unified cross-movement coalitions and to agree to work together on at least one nationally coordinated local day of action over the next year. Some of the speakers and resource people participating in the Drug War PPA are: Javier Sicilia, founder of Mexico’s anti-Drug violence movement, Ricardo Soberon, former Peru Drug Czar ousted by the US, and Professor Laura Carlsen, an expert on Mexico and the Drug War.

There are also a number of workshops with a Latin America focus and we expect many more before the Oct. 15 workshop deadline.  Registered Latin America workshops include:

  • Nicaragua and the Canal: Should a government of the left be building a megaproject?
  • The Guatemalan Genocide Case: Tearing Down the Walls of Impunity
  •  What’s Behind the Drug War in Mexico and Central America?
  • Meaning of the Economic-Political Changes in Cuba Under the Unrelenting U.S. Blockade
  • “Freedom According to the Zapatistas”: Lessons from the Escuelita of August 2013
  • Honduras: The Struggle for Democracy, Human Rights, and the Environment
  • ¡Venceremos! Popular Power and the Path Towards Workers’ Control in Venezuela Under the Bolivarian Revolution

Register now for Tear Down the Walls. If you want to offer a workshop, register it online before Oct. 15. If you need housing and food, note that as part of the registration process. The Alliance for Global Justice, sponsor of TDTW, has some travel subsidy money for groups of 10 or more traveling together. If you would like to be a travel coordinator, contact Here for details.