The May ROCLA meeting will not be at our usual venue at the usual
time.  Instead of our regular meeting, we will join with the George
Eastman House and the Rochester Labor Council AFL-CIO in the
presentation of the movie “Reds” on May Day.

Note that the movie will be shown at the Dryden Theatre,
900 East Avenue, Rochester at 8:00 PM.

This film, from 1981 was called “daring and politically volatile” because
it celebrated the history of the U.S. radical left in the early 20th Century.

“Reds” was nominated for thirteen Oscars, and won three.  One of the
Oscars was for Warren Beatty as Best Director.

Because ROCLA meetings are traditionally free, we have arranged
for ROCLA members and supporters to see the film without charge.
Marilyn Anderson, a member of the ROCLA Steering Committee,
will be in the Dryden Theatre lobby.  Please ask Marilyn to provide
you with a pass for the movie.

*8:00 PM*WEDNESDAY, MAY 1st*