The message below is from Joseph Sorrentino, who recently moved to New Mexico where he is putting his prodigious talents as a documentary photographer and writer to good use: He is researching a colonia outside of Albuquerque called Pajarito Mesa, has an article In These Times about sexual harassment of farmworker women and is working on one about farm workers in New Mexico.
Gail Mott
From: Joseph Sorrentino


Have you seen that Dodge truck ad?  The one that ran in the Super Bowl?  It’s called “The Farmer” or something like that.  It’s a beautiful ad: great photos of farmers and farms, a powerful voice-over saying how God created farmers to provide food for us, a very high production value.  And it’s completely wrong about what it’s like on our farms.

As a journalist and photographer who has covered farmworker issues for a decade, I felt I needed to respond in some way.  So I designed a presentation and worked long distance with Adam Shaening-Pokrasso, who has a production company in San Francisco.  He did a great job in taking my rough-cut and making it into a short video we’re calling, “So God Made A Farmworker.”  We did two versions, one in English and one in Spanish, and posted them on YouTube.  The links are below.  We also set up a site for people to make donations—we had no money to produce the video but went ahead and did it anyway.

We’d appreciate it if you’d forward this email and encourage people to donate to the project.  Thanks.


Donation site: Farmworker Rally
English version

Spanish version