Immigration 2021: Where We Are. What to Do.

Free-lance journalist James Goodman wrote for the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle for 34 years. In 2019, he won the Nyhan Prize for Political Journalism from Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center for his in-depth coverage of immigration issues in a series of articles published in The Progressive magazine from 2018-2020. Goodman has documented the many facets of the Trump administration’s assault on immigrant and asylum rights in the US and their tragic impacts on individuals and families. Goodman will share his extensive research and discuss what we can do to counter Trump’s anti-immigrant legacy of cruelty.

Co-sponsored by the Rochester Committee on Latin America (ROCLA) and The Latin America Solidarity Committee of Buffalo (LASC).

December 2, 2020 7PM

Meeting ID: 898 1390 6152
Passcode: 136201