WebQuetzalThe attack on GHRC a couple of weeks ago was a sharp reminder of what a dangerous time this is for human rights defenders in Guatemala. The messages of hate and violence posted on our facebook page were echos of the slander and threats which our partners have suffered for months and even years.
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In response to the attack, we received over 100 posts on our wall in facebook expressing support for our work and for the survivors of genocide in Guatemala. These words, as well as numerous emails and phone calls, were an inspiring reminder of the strong and resilient network of activists we rely on. The messages we received were so heartwarming that I wanted to share some of them with you.
“We stand in solidarity with the people of Guatemala, the brave judges and witnesses at the genocide trial and the dedicated human rights advocates at GHRC. God bless you and may your (and our) dream of human rights for all prevail!”
“With the greatest admiration for the courage of the GHRC, I am with you as always. Truth can never be buried. It always rises again, thanks to those, like you, whose lives are devoted to it.”
 “It’s incredibly valuable and important work that the GHRC is doing. Americans cannot truly understand our place in the world if we do not become informed about our role in Guatemala and other places where crimes against humanity have been committed and facilitated by our own government. Thank you, GHRC, for fighting to have this story be told, and for working in the struggle for justice.”
“Thank you for your courage to take a stand against genocide even under threats and terror. GHRC deserves respect and support!”
I am so grateful to everyone who posted comments on our page and otherwise offered their support. I love knowing that as I do this work, I have so many of you at my back. We also look forward to sharing your messages with genocide survivors during our upcoming delegation.
The truth is, the human rights situation in Guatemala is rapidly deteriorating. This year, judges and lawyers have received serious death threats for taking on cases of crimes of the past. Anti-mining protesters have been gunned down. Nearly a dozen union organizers and land rights activists have been assassinated.
In response, we have committed to expanding our efforts in defense of human rights and for truth and justice in Guatemala. But we need your help. 
GHRC is primarily funded through individual donations from people just like you, people willing to take a stand for peace and justice. Can you join this struggle and make a donation today?
Kathryn Johnson
Development and Advocacy Coordinator