As we reflect on our work this past year, we realize that something surprising happened; the US government had a positive impact on human rights in Guatemala. We have heard repeatedly from our partners that US support for Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz, the genocide trial and the rule of law in Guatemala has been crucial to the struggle for justice for victims of the internal armed conflict.
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GHRC Director Recognized by the United Nations

Association of the National Capitol Area!

GHRC’s Executive Director, Kelsey Alford-Jones, was honored this month with a Community Human Rights Award as part of the United Nations Association NCA’s 2013 Annual Human Rights Awards Reception.
This progress is thanks to activists like you, who have demanded that the US government stand up for human rights, publicly support justice, and represent our interests.

There are still miles to go to change US policy in the region. The US is still training and funding the same Guatemalan military which gunned down indigenous protesters last year in Totonicapán and which routinely occupies towns where residents dare to challenge mines or dams. The US is still using the failed war on drugs to justify helping to build bases, even when they lay on top of clandestine mass graves.We need your help in the coming year to keep the pressure on the government to represent our interests and use foreign policy to support human rights.

In peace and solidarity,Kathryn Johnson
Assistant Director, GHRC/USA 3321 12th Street NE, Washington, DC 20017