Uriel Adonay Rosales Martinez is the 19-year-old brother of a Long Island farmworker leader. Uriel is an expert in karate, and recently competed and placed in the Central American and Caribbean Games on behalf of El Salvador.
Uriel fled his home country in October 2015 when his refusal to join a local gang put his life in danger. After being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), he was denied multiple requests for release on bond. Now detained in the infamous Stewart Detention Center (Lumpkin, GA) for more than six months, Uriel’s health is deteriorating. He is suffering from untreated gastritis, ulcers, gall bladder inflammation, and urinary tract problems. The food provided by the detention center does not comport with Uriel’s required diet. The treatment of inmates in Stewart is such that inmates recently went on hunger strike, gaining national media attention. For Uriel, these conditions are made much worse by the stress of being in a prison far away from his family members in New York. 

We need your help in making sure Uriel is not sent back to his death in El Salvador, and instead is delivered to Long Island, where he can prepare his case for asylum and appear before a neutral judge.
1. Sign the petition 
2. Social media: #ReleaseUriel 

·  Tell @ICEgov to #ReleaseUriel so he can apply for asylum in NY with community support
·  We support #ReleaseUriel. At 18, he fled gangs in El Salvador to seek asylum. Help by signing the petition
·  #ReleaseUriel so he can receive medical care and family support on asylum. Agree? Sign the petition
3. Call ICE Atlanta Field Officer Lewis at (229) 838-1184 and urge him to move Uriel close to his family in New York where he can receive proper medical treatment. The phone call will probably go to voicemail. Please follow the script below:

·         “Hi, my name is __________.” If part of a congregation or group, call on behalf of this group.

·         “I am calling in regards to a member of our community, Uriel Adonay Rosales Martinez, A# 208678109. We are concerned about Uriel’s health and the inadequate medical treatment that Uriel is receiving at the Stewart Detention Center.”

·         Urge Officer Lewis to use his discretion to move Uriel to New York where he can be with his family and receive the medical care needed. “Please release Uriel on Humanitarian Parole.”

·         Explain that Uriel has a community that will support him through the asylum process and ensure that he appears at all of his scheduled court dates.

·         If Officer Lewis does not answer, leave a message with this at the end: “You can reach me at _________. I’ll try calling again tomorrow to see if you are in to talk then. Thank you.”

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