Quito, Jul 4 (Prensa Latina) The general secretary of the South
American Nations (UNASUR), Ali Rodriguez, summoned an extraordinary
meeting of the bloc to analyze the refusal of European countries to
allow Bolivian presidential aircraft to land or fly over their
The head of States of UNASUR country members will set the date of the
meeting to discuss the inexplicable ban on the aircraft.

Italy, France, Spain and Portugal forbade the flight of the Bolivian
presidential aircraft, where the president Evo Morales was returning
from Russia, over their territories under the pretext of being
transporting the former CIA agent, Edward Snowden, who has been issued
a US warrant for arrest after the leak of top secret information.

Referring to the European decision, Rodriguez described it as
outrageous and asked not to let it pass, since it would be a passive
acceptance of the empireÂs will against countries that shed too much
blood to win their independency, quoted The Telegraph newspaper.


Morales: Authorization Denial Was no Mistake or Coincidence

La Paz, Jul 4 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Evo Morales assured
today the last days’ event was no mistake or coincidence, but an action
part of the imperial policy against the Bolivian people.

When referring to the denial by European countries of allowing his
plane to fly over their air spaces after returning from Russia, Morales
stressed that apologies are not enough.

“Our crime is being indigenous and anti-imperialist”, underlined the
leader during a governmental ceremony referring to the stance adopted
by Portugal, Italy, France and Spain, that countries that denied the
overflight authorization.

Such prohibition emerged because U.S. ex NSA agent Edward Snowden,
pursues by Washington for leaking confidential information, was aboard
the presidential plane.

The United States and the involved European countries were aware that
the ex agent was not aboard the plane since they have enough means and
their own intelligence structure, Morales noted.

“an apology is not enough”, reaffirmed the leader, assuring he will
demand the international treaties and regulations be respected.

“We have learned, along with the people, to defend the sovereignty and
dignity” stressed Morales, who arrived in Bolivia on Wednesday after
being stranded in Vienna for many hours, a situation he considered a

In the afternoon, Morales will meet his counterparts of the Union of
Southern Nations (Unasur), after arriving to Bolivia from Russia and
the unusual and criticized event.

On the other hand, the Bolivian government gave back to the U.S.
embassy an extradition request of ex NSA agent Edward Snowden presented
on Wednesday, for considering it illegal and groundless, the Foreign
Ministry reported today.

A foreign Ministry communiqué also reaffirmed Snowden never met
President Evo Morales in Russia and he did not get on the presidential
plane, a rumour that brought about the suspension of the overflight
authorization when the leader returned from Moscow.


Bolivia Condemns European Stance

Lima, Jul 3 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian ambassadors in South American
countries as well as peasant, indigenous and youth movements condemned
the stance adopted by the governments of European countries for denying
the authorization to the plane carrying President Evo Morales to fly
over their air spaces.
Bolivia’s Ambassador to Peru Jorge Ledesma described as a criminal
and discriminatory action the stance adopted by four countries that
suspended the overflight authorization of MoralesâÖ plane.

The ambassador underlined the decision adopted by France, Italy,
Portugal and Spain was imposed after those countries had already
authorized the plane to fly over their territories and accused
Washington of issuing them the order of suspending the authorization.

Ledesma considered reprehensible that Spain, Portugal, France and
Italy, spied by the United States, had given in to their pressures.

Bolivia’s Ambassador to Ecuador Ruzena Maribel Santamaria reaffirmed
her nation will maintain its demand so that European countries clarify
the overflight denial their issued against Morales’ plane.

” We feel deeply offended and we will carry the situation to the last
consequences and this situation gives us more strength to unite”, the
diplomat told Prensa Latina.

Representatives of peasant, indigenous organizations gathered at
Bolivia’s diplomatic seat in Ecuador to await the arrival of President
Evo Morales.

The movement of young people in solidarity with Cuba rejected the
stance of the four European countries that threatened the life of
President Evo Morales.

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