Thirty-Five Years with a Chiapas Dental Clinic

The Rochester Committee on Latin America’s sister group, the Latin American Solidarity Committee (LASC) in Buffalo, NY, became a task force of the Western New York Peace Center in the mid -1980’s in response to US support of repressive regimes in Central America....

Tom with patient - Chiapas Dental clinic

Resources in English on Latin America

Editor’s Note: For our readers who are interested in pursuing additional information and news about Latin America and the Caribbean, we have compiled a list of organizations and news sources that generally provide reliable information, which is not the case with...

Resources in English on Latin America

Report from the Southern Border By Barbara Dietz

I spent my first day and a half here at a trial for 4 members of No More Deaths (NMD), humanitarian aid workers who leave water in the desert. They track where the bodies of migrants are found and where the water gets used, and they return to those areas weekly,...

No More Deaths